Warranties, Repairs & Claims
Your guide to knowing the basics.

All newly constructed homes are covered accordingly from the day you sign for occupation:

  • 6 (six) months on latent defects, shrinkage or other faults which is related to defects in the product or workmanship.
  • 12 (twelve) months on the roof and covers any leak or damages caused to the top structure related to faulty material or workmanship.
  • Hot water heating systems (i.e Geysers) are covered directly by the supplier and the period may vary, normally up to a period of 3-5 years on the heating drum.
  • 5 (five) year major structural warrantee on the top structure as defined by the NHBRC.

Your home is your biggest investment, we advise you to look after your asset with general repairs and maintenance.

General repairs and maintenance are the sole responsibility of the homeowner. Neither Kiron, nor the NHBRC will do or cover this.

You are welcome to contact Kiron and inform us if you suspect any structural, roof or latent and patent defects. We will send an inspector to your home to assess your inquiry. If valid, our team will process the claim and fix it accordingly.